Protect your roof from the winter weather!

We know your home is important to you and that is why it is most important to protect it against that harsh winter weather.  Believe it or not, summer is the best time to begin taking those steps. We all know what a harsh winter we had this past year. The time is now to prepare your house so it can withstand anything winter has to throw at it.  Rosa Carpentry of Greenwich, CT can assist you with your evaluation and prep.

Start at the Top: The Roof!
One of the hardest hit spots of your home is the roof.  Winter snow creates a great weight sitting on your roof, sometimes for months on end. The professionals at Rosa Carpentry can evaluate your roof, looking for damaged or loose shingles that could end up leaking.  The vent stacks and chimneys will be checked as well to look for breaks or cracks in the seal. Often, people forget to maintain their chimney, causing structural damage to the home. If your chimney has cracks running vertically, get it evaluated right away. With the proper steps taken, you can feel confident that your roof will be able to handle the heavy snow next winter, and that spring time rain.

Greenwich Home Renovation

Keep your doors and windows properly sealed for this upcoming winter.

Close up the Windows & Doors!
Don’t let the blistering cold blow in through the open cracks in your windows and doors anymore.  An easy and great way to find out if your windows/doors need help is simply to put your hand near the spaces to feel for a draft. If your window and doors are letting air through, not only are you losing heat in the winter, but you are losing your air conditioning in the summer. Over time, this can cost your thousands of extra dollars in utility bills.

Rosa Carpentry will be happy to install new energy efficient windows and doors to ensure you stay warm this winter, and cool this summer! Rosa Carpentry mainly sells Andersen, Marvin and Pella windows and doors. These companies build their products with high quality material, use energy efficient, double pane glass, and are built to last. Replacing old doors and windows will make a world of a difference in your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean Your Gutters and Inspect your Exterior Trim!

We all know that gutters should be cleaned regularly to avoid rotting and water backup. Next time it rains, go outside and inspect your gutters. Are they over flowing in certain spots? Are there any holes in the leaders or gutters? Does it seem like a leader is clogged? Water splashing over the gutter is not only a problem in the winter. Water that splashes up around your foundation and siding can lead to rotting and possible foundations leaks. It is important to have broken gutters replaced so your home can keep a grip on where the water goes.

Our last tip is to inspect the exterior trim around your windows and doors. Over time these rot and need to be replaced. Don’t worry; you may not need to replace your windows as well. Sometimes the trim only needs to be replaced. However, if this trim is rotten, water will seep underneath the siding, and along your windows. This can cause severe damage over time. This trim can be replaced with Azek material. This material is a plastic compound that is extremely resistant to rotting. It will last many years, and will maintain a water tight seal if installed properly.

Most of the exterior work that needs to be done to a home cannot be done in the middle of winter. Be proactive and make sure your home is prepared to withstand the cold and wet weather that is ahead of us.  Visit Rosa Carpentry General Contracting Services for more details. The professionals at Rosa Carpentry of Greenwich will be happy to speak with you about your concerns.  Contact us at (203) 869 – 7266.