If you are planning to sell your home within the next one to three years, there are improvements you can make to the home to increase your bottom line.  As the real estate market slowly comes back into the light, many times the main room of the house, which is the kitchen, is in the spotlight when trying to sell a home.  If your home has a kitchen that deserves some updating or could be improved, you’ll want to read these kitchen remodel and update tips below.

If you speak to real estate experts you will learn the kitchen is by far one of the most important and biggest selling points in a home with the bathrooms in second place.

Greenwich Kitchen Renovation



A fresh coat of a paint using modern colors can really help a kitchen look refreshed.  Make sure the paint your remodeler uses is low-VOC as it is eco-friendly and won’t cause you to breathe in dangerous chemicals.



If you have older appliances it will go a long way to replace them.  Believe it or not, there are Energy Star-rated appliances which not only are better for the environment, but they will save you money compared to the old appliances you have.  This is because the Energy Star-rated appliances are built with technology that causes them to use electricity at a more efficient rate which decreases the electrical bill.

In replacing appliances, the times call for home buyers really liking the stainless steel modern look.  Be sure all appropriate kitchen components are stainless steel.



Custom cabinets can do a world of wonder when trying to sell your home. With custom cabinets your options are endless! With the correct contractor, the cabinets will be designed specifically for your kitchen space, maximizing the room’s potential. Currently, white painted, and stained Cherry and Maple cabinets are popular. To top them off, Granite countertops are by far the most popular countertop option today. With a new custom kitchen, you might even reconsider selling your home! If not, it will surely increase the overall value of your home.

Return On Investment

Kitchen remodels are projects that can provide the most significant value increase to a home resale price.  They can return anywhere from 60% – 120% on the investment.  In addition to the monetary return, the fact that the kitchen is remodeled will lead to your home selling more quickly.

Licensed Contractor vs. Unlicensed

When you choose to remodel your kitchen or update it, you will save time and headaches when utilizing a licensed contractor.  They offer you many more protections than going with an unlicensed one.  In order to obtain a license the contractor must possess experience to pass the business management test along with undergoing a criminal background check.  They also must be clear of any unresolved contracting complaints.  When inviting someone into your home, your safety is important, the license helps protect that safety.

Additionally, in order to be licensed, the contractor must have liability insurance. This mean if something goes wrong on your project, at least you know the contractor has insurance to cover the cost of the damage. An unlicensed contractor most likely does not have insurance. Therefore, if something goes wrong on the job, YOU can be left covering the cost of the damage!

In closing, if you are ready to update your kitchen or believe a kitchen remodel is in order as you prepare to sell your home, Rosa Carpentry is available to speak with you about your project.

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